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Creative Strategy

Your journey may start with a single step but the right strategy for brand presence will take you where you want to.

Digital Marketing

As long as you want to be visible, you need yo invest time in developing a strong digital marketing presence.

SM Management

The Social Media playground is where your audience will meet you. So make sure the meeting is pleasant.

Top Services

Every brand has its own journey and unique path to walk. Here you can find our top rated services that we are currently involved in. However, if you can not find exactly what you want, just GET IN TOUCH and we’ll talk about it over a cup of coffee.


Brand audit

Includes research on the current positioning, opportunities analysis

Profile definition

Includes overview of the colors, logo, messages, brand archetype, tone of voice


Includes the target definition according to the brand archetype, messages and specific goals, development of buyer personas

Brand positioning

Includes recommendations about the brand behaviour, channels presence, needed brand materials, content suggestions according to the preffered media mix



Includes overview of the current strategy, presence, messages and results

Market research

Includes market specifics, audience pains,new opportunities to position the brand

Competitors research

Includes overview the competitors behaivour, niches covered, SWOT analysis about their presence

Content strategy and execution

Includes defining specific goals, messages, channels, type of content, content creation


Digital marketing

Includes strategy for digital presence, relevant channels and content

Advertising strategy

Includes strategy for advertising campaigns, offline presence and brand positioning, collaboration opportunities and partnerships

PR and events

Includes overview of the specific media landscape, opportunity for presence in the press or events in the industry

Free consultations

Includes general recommendations about your brand, the story, the journey, the goals and the general positioning and marketing strategy

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AutoTest Group
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One Million Steps
Transoft Solutions
AECO Space
Creative Industries Academy
SysCom Engineering
Colibri Publishers
Telia Oils
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"Ad Squad has the ability to hear your dreams! The guys I’ve worked with are creative, reflective and effective. Just like your best pal – always with you – trustworthy, creating calm, stable and cozy working environment!"

Kremena Dimitrova | COLIBRI PUBLISHING

"Working with Ad Squad has been an experience for a lifetime. I strongly recommend these guys for their awesome support!"


"It was a really pleasing and entertaining time for me to work with Tanya! Her creative spirit inspired me to release ‘crazy’ but working projects together. I recommend Tanya’s work to every business person with adventurous mind!"


"I am happy to know you! It’s great to have fresh people for every project you develop. Thank you for the professional work and the trustworthy approach!"

Michael Triantafyllou | TELIAOILS GREECE

"Its always a pleasure to work with professionals. Ad Squad team is professional, fun to work with and has great sense of humor! They can see beyond your wishes and can make your desires a reality! Thanks for the excellent job! Looking forward to work with you again!"

Emilia Predova | INFOSYSTEMS