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We rely on facts and dig deep into the market data. Let us focus our knowledge on research and outline the relevant marketing strategy for you.


In brands we trust. Our challenge is to make your brand the person you would like to meet and spend your life with - strong, consistent, and trustworthy.


Your journey may start with a single step but the right strategy for your digital presence will take you where you want to be. Ready to meet your audience?


Struggling to find the top in-house performers? Try our outsourced marketing. We'll manage your branding across all your channels.

Top Services

Every brand has its own journey and unique path to walk. Here you can find our top rated services that we are currently involved in. However, if you can not find exactly what you want, just GET IN TOUCH and we’ll talk about it over a cup of coffee.

Marketing Strategy Development

SMART marketing objectives and goals

Together we will set Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, and Timely marketing objectives.

PEST and SWOT analysis

To see the big picture we explore important political, economic, social, and technology factors.

Competitor analysis

We uncover buyer personas and industry trends to position you in front of the others.

Audience definition and segmentation

Knowing who you address your message is as important as the message itself.

Branding Strategy Development

Brand identity

Give a good reason for people to chose you by defining your brand personality.

Brand personality framework

Create a consistent tone of voice and visual identity according to your brand archetype.

Brand strategy

Branding is the journey of your product. Make it consistent, memorable, useful, and human.

Brand attributes

Company presentations, business card design, labels, menus, etc… They are all extensions of your brand.

Digital Marketing Strategy

Marketing communication strategy

We combine a scientific approach with a creative spark to make a perfect communication mix, reaching your audience anywhere.

Social media marketing strategy

Analyzing competitors and understanding your target audience is the major step prior to any content marketing strategy.

Content marketing strategy

Do you know what people expect from your brand? Give them what they need and make it easier to chose you. Make your content count.

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digital marketing | localizations
marketing strategy | brand development | communication strategy
marketing | PR
digital marketing
digital marketing
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CSR strategy
creative copywriting
creative copywriting
SEO copywriting | content creation
brand identity | website development | marketing strategy | digital marketing
brand identity | marketing strategy
content creation | localizations
creative copywriting
brand development |website development | copywriting
market research | marketing strategy
digital marketing
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"Ad Squad has the ability to hear your dreams! The guys I’ve worked with are creative, reflective and effective. Just like your best pal – always with you – trustworthy, creating calm, stable and cozy working environment!"

Kremena Dimitrova | COLIBRI PUBLISHING

"Working with Ad Squad has been an experience for a lifetime. I strongly recommend these guys for their awesome support!"


"It was a really pleasing and entertaining time for me to work with Tanya! Her creative spirit inspired me to release ‘crazy’ but working projects together. I recommend Tanya’s work to every business person with adventurous mind!"


"I am happy to know you! It’s great to have fresh people for every project you develop. Thank you for the professional work and the trustworthy approach!"

Michael Triantafyllou | TELIAOILS GREECE

"Its always a pleasure to work with professionals. Ad Squad team is professional, fun to work with and has great sense of humor! They can see beyond your wishes and can make your desires a reality! Thanks for the excellent job! Looking forward to work with you again!"

Emilia Predova | INFOSYSTEMS