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to start with pieces of the branding stats

Let's read the numbers

0 %
of consumers would rather buy from an authentic brand
0 %
of marketers say that brand awareness is their top goal
0 %
of investors want the companies they invest in to have a strong brand
0 %
of consumers don’t think brands actually understand them as a person
0 %
of consumers say authenticity is the most important brand attribute

did you know that?

Every brand
needs a slogan

  • Just Do It
  • I’m Loving It
  • Impossible is Nothing 
  • Think Different
  • The Best a Man Can Get 

What is the one thing in common between those brands?

The memorable slogan!

What you will get

3 unique creative slogans

to choose the one that fits your brand the most

+ Brief strategy to position yourself

with the right words, general messages, and style

+ Brand archetype definition

to understand better your brand and your audience

Believe it

Do you have a personal project, a brand, or a new service but YOU’RE MISSING A SLOGAN?

Do you lack free time and powerful wording?

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Undress the stress and treat your brand with the right words. Ready to kick off 2021?

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This Christmas promo project is powered by Ad Squad – a creative boutique agency with extremely high marketing and advertising expertise and still… wild spirit. 

And speaking of which, feel free to meet your personal copywriter on duty – Tanya Ilieva, Ph.D. I’ll be responsible for every single word that you’ll receive! 


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By ordering your slogan, you will receive via e-mail a beautifully designed PDF containing:

  1. Three slogan variations
  2. Brand archetype definition
  3. Brief strategy with the appropriate wording for your brand

…and some additional recommendations to position yourself right.

Simple as the Christmas spirit:

  1. You fill-in the brief a.k.a. the questionnaire.
  2. We send an invoice.
  3. You get your slogan in 24 hours after the processed order.

Thus you avoid the bombastic ad agencies’ fees for their full service. Have it our way – quick, clean, safe and… yes, funny. Any project counts, including a memorable present for a family occasion, fresh look for a new brand, or even engraving ideas for your engagement rings… Why not?!

Christmas offers are valid till Christmas. So let’s stick to that.

Yes, it is. VAT in Bulgaria is 20% and IT IS already included in the price. So the announce sum is the total you will pay.

Of course. You will be provided with an original payment document. The invoice can be issued to a person or a legal company. It’s really up to you.


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